Unravelling Topmost Ways Of Exploring San Francisco With Family

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San Francisco has always attracted people from all countries in the world. However, while most of the tourists simply head towards the iconic spots in San Francisco, there are some unique ways of exploring San Francisco too. These off the beaten ways can actually prove to be more adventurous and fun-loving. So, here are some of the topmost ways of exploring the beautiful city.

Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

A visit to Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market leaves one completely reinvigorated. The place witnesses a great rush of locals on Saturday mornings as they come along with their baskets to pick the finest fruits and other products, including free-range meats, fresh sausages, honey, olive oils, and baked goods, to name a  few. Moreover, visitors get a chance to smell fascinating roses too. Moreover, there are plenty of bakeries, and local restaurants that excel in serving specialities.


One is always amazed to locate this completely different world that is conspicuously decorated in gold, green, and bright red banners. There is a dazzling array of traditional herbalists, knick-knack spots, and other grocery stores. Besides, there are those vendors of incense and ceremonial papers. There are shops selling crabs, frogs, and other exotic variety of seafood, which offer a perfect visual treat, besides offering an incredibly unique experience.

Crissy Field

Crissy Field is one of the newest parks in San Francisco that is simply perfect for picnicking. The place offers stupendous views of Golden Gate Bridge and other areas of the city. Kids love playing with sand and rocks there.

Stow Lake

The experience of boating on the Stow Lake is simply unsurpassed. The lake offers completely tranquil and serene surroundings that invariably entrance the tourists. Kids love piling into the old and quaint electric motorboats. Besides, there are other options too as one could opt for pedal boats, and rowboats as well. One could simply relax and admire the ultimate beauty of nature. Meanwhile, kids could also enjoy the experience of boating in the tranquil water of the lake with plenty of ducks on their way.

Maritime National Historical Park

Maritime National Historic Park is another great location in San Francisco. The vibrant atmosphere of the place is always liked by kids and adults. Kids love to discover more about the antique ships kept at Hyde Street Pier. Besides, they get involved in a number of outdoor activities at Victoria Park. Moreover, there are crazy swimmers who dare venturing into the chilly waters in Aquatic Park. The adults are always awestruck by the marvellous scenery.

Golden Gate Park

A visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without paying visit to this iconic park that has unlimited fun and excitement to offer. There is the Koret Children’s Quarter, which is a great quality playground for kids. And then, there is the Japanese Tea Garden that is among the most soothing and relaxing places in the world. Nature lovers love to explore dahlia garden that has a dazzling array of carnivorous plants. And, there is the ‘de Young Museum’ tower that offers stunning views of the city. So, the list is truly endless, and one could get involved in a number of activities here.

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