Unearthing San Francisco’s Most Popular Spots For Nature Lovers

View Of Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco has a great number of natural wonders that have always been a source of inspiration for nature lovers. Tourists and locals spend days exploring the old redwood trees, pristine shoreline, and various botanical gardens in the area. Tourists feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed after visiting these incredible sites. Here are some of the great natural spots that every person must visit while they are in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

Visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without exploring this great man-made wonder. It got built in 1880 when the authorities decided to convert this 1000 acre land into a majestic site. The park used to be known ‘The Great Sand Bank,’ since persistent sands blew here. However, the park is now a great spot for nature lovers, as there are a number of museums, spending gardens, different varieties of trees, and nine lakes, to name a few.

One could start their trip at Conservatory of Flowers, which has lush green tropical plants, and a charismatic Victorian structure made of glass. In fact, it is the oldest public conservatory in North America. Then, one could move from this historic landmark towards San Francisco Botanical Gardens which span 70 acres of area, and are quite well-maintained gardens. The experience of walking on the Redwood Trail and exploring great old redwood trees invariably casts a spell on the visitors.

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo is located towards Ocean Beach’s southern end. It is among US oldest zoos, and was constructed in 1930s. There is a great variety of animals here including bears, Kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, kudus, and other great variety of exotic wildlife. Tourists are invariably excited to see the jaguar inside his habitat spanning 20000 square feet area.

Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands are located in the vicinity of Golden Gate Bridge in the north of the city. They are characterized by rugged hiking trails, coastal bluffs, protected and pristine valleys, vast wetlands, and other historic landmarks. One could hear ruptures of various birds here including red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, osprey, and peregrine falcons, to name a few.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods are located just twelve miles of San Francisco towards the north. It is a mind-boggling redwood forest that has eight routes covering around 30 mile area. President Theodore Roosevelt designated the area as a National Monument. One could find old and attractive things here including the unmistakable ‘Coast Redwood Tree’ that is around 2000 years old.

Natural Spots In East Bay

Eastern side of San Francisco also has a number of places that could be of great interest for the visitors. There is the Mount Diablo State Park that is 3849 feet in height and has trails extending till 100 miles. Hikers are greeted with a museum at the top. Then, there is the Lindsay Wildlife Museum that provides one a chance to experience native animals from California. Or, one could explore U.C. Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science which is a great public science museum that offers educational opportunities to teachers, researchers, and students. Moreover, there is the Oakland Museum of California that has a number of exhibits detailing about the natural history of California.

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