Unearthing Greatest Museums In San Francisco For Art Lovers

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San Francisco has always attracted a number of talented artists from all over the world, thanks to the innovation, creativity, and reinvention that take place here. So, there are a number of museums here that cater to the varied interests of people. Art lovers simply relish visiting such museums as ‘San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,’ ‘The de Young and the Exploratorium,’ to name a few. The museums here exhibit the great artworks prepared by the talented artists. So, some of the great museums in San Francisco are included here.

San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

It is a great museum to visit as it has a lot to offer to the excited art lovers. One should head towards the fifth floor straightaway in order to discover great exhibitions including ‘Figurative Art,’ ‘Minimal,’ ‘Pop,’ etc. The ‘Figurative Art,’ which is also called the ‘Fisher Collection’ exhibits artworks relating the events in 1960s. Furthermore, there is the Donald Fisher and Doris Collection as well which highlights three major pieces of ‘light’ artwork, including ‘Monument for V. Tatlin,’ ‘Untitled Two,’ and ‘The Diagonal of May 25.’

Further, there are other exhilarating works including Bruce Nauman’s works which interpret such themes as pleasure/ pain, life/death, love/hate in an interesting manner.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum is a great site to visit for tourists. The building is designed by great artist called ‘Daniel Libeskind’ and the diamond-shaped windows are simply a delight to the eyes. Moreover, there is the ‘PaRDes,’ which is a unique light installation that instantly attracts the people. And, the pick of the lot is the ‘Lamp of the Covenant’ prepared by Dave Lane. It is a massive sculpture which is 90-foot long highlighting the marvels of cosmos.

Yerba Buena Center For The Arts

It is another stunning spot that has a lot to offer to the visitors. There is the unmistakable ‘Murmur Wall,’ prepared by Future Cities Lab. It has been constructed innovatively out of steel, and fiber optic illuminated rods offering great digital display. This artwork can be viewed from the sidewalk.

The De Young Museum

The De Young Museum is another great spot for art lovers. The museum has the aura of magnificence that attracts a sea of humanity. It is actually built like a hill inside the great ‘Babro Osher Sculpture Garden.’ There is the unmistakable ‘skyspace’ that was prepared by the talented and innovative artist James Turrell. It is named ‘Three Gems.’ It is a great site for the eyes. Actually, it is in the form of a dome or a stupa that presents a great view of the sky. The view is constantly altered by the great effects of LED lightning. The LED lightening effects change constantly with the change in weather and light conditions outside. It is a great masterpiece to observe.

The Exploratorium

Again, the museum has this great ‘Buckyball’ which is perfect site to visit for light art lovers. The artwork was prepared by Leo Villareal. It is an illuminated artwork or a sculpture that stands to a height of 25 foot. There are whopping 4500 LED nodes inside the geodesic spheres. These LED nodes are arranged in shapes of hexagons and pentagons, and are a great sight to visit.

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