Topmost Outdoor Activities Tourists Love To Do In San Francisco

Woman At A Beach Enjoying

San Francisco has always been considered a great spot to visit for travellers since it offers countless options to tourists to spend their time in an engaging and productive manner. They can visit a number of natural spots here, besides witnessing the pulsating vibe in the Downtown. Here are some of the topmost outdoor tourist activities that San Francisco has to offer.

Surfing At Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a perfect spot for surfing, as it is the longest beach in San Francisco. The place witnesses a huge crowd of people, who are all donned in black wet suits, and are seen waiting to explore the uncharted territories. It is a popular spot of locals as well since they come here to fly kites, skate and bike along the stunning esplanade, as well as stroll on the dazzling dunes. Visitors could always refresh themselves after this hectic activity as there are plenty of restaurants nearby.

The Wave Organ

The Wave Organ is located at the boat harbour in Marina District. It is a rock garden as well as sound sculpture that spans 2700 square feet area, and has infinite concrete pipes and PVC to capture the groans, rumbles, and whistles of the waves. Visitors are always thrilled to experience the otherworldly sounds coming from the sea. The spot was designed by great artist Peter Richards who collaborated with the talented stonemason George Gonzales to materialize his ideas. And, the result is simply stunning as one gets unsurpassed sonic experience here.

Land’s End

Land’s End has a great variety of vistas to offer to the tourists. One gets a chance to explore ruins of iconic Sutro Baths. The experience of watching the crashing of the waves while wandering through the tunnel is simply amazing. Moreover, one could go for a hike as well along the headlands. Moreover, one gets to see a wide variety of wildlife as there is a dazzling array of birds’ species, including brown pelicans, Brandt’s cormorants, etc. Moreover, some lucky tourists have also seen dolphins, sea lions, and migratory grey whales here.

Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park has always been a great spot to visit for the last 3000 years or so. Such is the rich history of the place. One could either visit the spot by taking a ferry or kayaking by themselves. The island has a rich wildlife. The trails here take one through shady forests of hazelnut trees, bay laurel, and coast live oak. Moreover, one could hike to Mount Livermore in order to soak in great panoramic views of the surroundings. Also, visitors could stay at night at the designated bay side campgrounds on the island too.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is a massive park that has a great number of smaller tourist attractions. For instance, there is the Japanese Tea Garden which is spread in five acres of area and is full of cherry trees, bamboo stands, and koi ponds. And then, there is the Stow lake which is simply perfect spot for paddle boating. Apart from this, there is a golf course, and other amazing hikes that offer thoroughly rejuvenating experience to visitors.

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