Unearthing Festive Things A Person Could Do While Enjoying Holidays In San Francisco

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San Francisco is a great tourist destination that never fails to mesmerize the people with its hypnotic charm. Moreover, locals too love the spot since there is a dazzling array of options of spending quality time in SF. This is the reason why people are willing to leave the warmth of their home and travel outside frequently. Here are some of the ways a person really enjoys the holiday spirit of San Francisco.

Watching Holiday Performances

There are a number of holiday performances that are performed by well-trained artists. These performances help a person get an essence of the festivals, etc. Actually, one gets a peep into the culture and customs of people of San Francisco by attending these holiday performances. For instance, one could always have the best Christmas by visiting ‘The Nutcracker,’ which is a ballet, basically, which present a broken nutcracker made of wood, and a number of other toy soldiers who are seen battling a ‘Mouse King.’ Then, there is a ‘Land of Sweets’ as well which is ruled by Sugar Plum Fairy. The whole ballet is too interesting and exciting to miss.

Then, one could visit Golden Gate Theatre as well in order to see Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Other dramas that are being performed include Handle’s Messiah, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Christmas Carol, to name a few. So, all these performances provide a chance to the tourists and the locals to understand the things in a true manner by participating in such events.

Visit Places Displaying Scintillating Holiday Lights

Well, there are a number of ways of expressing one’s delight during the festive season; however, people in SF are enchanted by the holiday lights, and there are a number of spots displaying lights in a perfectly gorgeous and attractive manner. These sites include, ‘The Path of Gold Lights,’ which could be seen adorning the Market Street, ‘The Tom and Jerry House, ‘Union Square,’ San Francisco Zoo,’ and ‘Christmas Tree Lane’ in Alameda, to name a few of the spots.

Ice Skating

Well, there may be dearth of frozen ponds in SF during the festive season; still, one could always enjoy the snow in ice skating rinks. There are two such rinks that attract people from all walks of life, who love to listen to the great holiday music, while gliding enthusiastically along the ice. The whole atmosphere is vibrant and pulsating with energy. For instance, there is the huge Christmas Tree at ‘The Union Square Ice Rink’, and similar is the situation at ‘Holiday Ice Rink’ which is situated at Embarcadero Center.

Visit Two Storied Gingerbread House

The famed two-storied Gingerbread house is owned by Fairmont Hotel, and presents a perfectly buoyant atmosphere. There is the gingerbread house that is around 22ft tall, and is made from a whopping 8000 pieces of attractive gingerbread, which contains 650 lbs of great candy, and 1200 lbs of attractive icing. Walking through the house amidst excited travellers is really fun. So, a lot of people chose to visit this place. Moreover, the gingerbread house is regularly replaced by the authorities as well, since some naughty people devour the gingerbread most of the times.

Exploring Topmost Bars In San Francisco That Are A Must To Visit

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San Francisco has a dazzling array of options for tourists as well as locals; there are all sorts of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, supermarkets catering to wide demands of people, beaches offering soothing atmosphere to people, and natural parks and hiking trails that never fail to mesmerize people here. Similarly, there are a lot of bars in San Francisco that offer great chance to tourists to relax and rejuvenate themselves after a long and hectic day at work. Tourists and locals are spoilt for choice actually; so, there are topmost bars that are a must to visit.

Ale Arsenal

Ale Arsenal is an unmistakable spot in San Carlos. The place has a great collection of beers that are very hard to find all over the world. The place has close association with the best brew makers in the country, and thus, they supply the best variety of beer here. So, people could always visit the bar and taste exotic beers.

Alpine Inn

This place was originally named Rossotti’s, earlier, before the management changed it to Alpine Inn. However, this infuriated the locals since they wanted to have that name for the bar. So, the management was forced to have the previous name as well on the sign. The place serves a great range of good quality beer, and it is a quite popular spot among the locals as well.

Amour Amour

Amour Amour is a European Style tapas and wine spot which consists of just six tables. Moreover, there is a small bar as well. Obviously, the place gets filled quite quickly, since it enjoys a roaring popularity among the people here. People could find international variety of wines here, which are served along with local vegetables and dishes containing local ingredients. People are always stunned to see the vibrant atmosphere here.

B Street & Vine

B Street & Vine is an excellent wine café that serves a great collection of international and California wines. The best part is the vibrant jazz music that is played here.

Dutch Goose

Dutch Goose is situated at Menlo Park and is a very popular spot here. People flock the outdoor patio here in order to get a mug of their favourite beer. Moreover, there are spicy eggs as well along with other great dishes served along with beer and wines.

Grape And Grain

Grape And Grain is a wine bar and craft beer that has a great variety of beer. The place is always filled with people here. Moreover, the environment is quite lively as there are board games as well as arcades here.

Gourmet Haus Staudt

This is a bit unpretentious spot in the German Market in Redwood City. Along with beer one is also offered delicious and gigantic pretzels here.

Martin’s West

Martin’s West in Redwood City has astonishing collection of whiskey. Apart from the great variety of whiskey there is an equally broad range of beer here, consisting of cellar and seasonal ales. Moreover, the wine list is no small as well, and one could fine Sonoma County and European wines here.

Incredibly Amazing Ways Of Spending Quality Time In San Francisco

People Picnicking At The Beach

The best part about visiting San Francisco is that people are spoilt for choice here. Moreover, the best part is the amazing climatic conditions here, as the weather is soothing all throughout the year. People could always find something exciting to do here. The whole atmosphere is so electrifying. So, here are some of the stunning ways of spending quality time in San Francisco.

Drinking Outdoors

One of the best ways of spending unforgettable moments with the loved one is to drink outdoors on spectacular rooftop patios overlooking the water. And, one of these spots is El Techo, which is known for offering great variety of food to the visitors. However, the most striking part is the glorious atmosphere. People are invariably hypnotized by the marvellous beauty of the spot- the suitable weather conditions, the cold and fresh breeze, the vibrant atmosphere, and some great refreshment! Apart from this, one also gets a chance to witness spectacular views of the city from here. So, the tourists couldn’t ask for more here, since the experience of sitting here and relaxing is simply unsurpassed.

Take A Trip To Angel Island

A trip to Angel Island always leaves one completely refreshed and reinvigorated. It is a secluded island, and this is the reason why tourists who are habitual of living in the cities are naturally attracted to the place. Moreover, the experience of wading through the tranquil waters amidst cool breeze is simply elevating. Moreover, one is greeted with stunning views of the city. Also, the availability of a café and food makes the trip complete.

Cal Sailing Open House

Adventure loving people could always opt for the option of sailing. And, the experience of sailing at Berkeley Marina is second to none. Moreover, Cal Sailing Open House also provides sailing classes as well for the inquisitive ones. So, one could learn the nitty-gritty of sailing as well.

Join San Francisco’s Music Bonanza

The atmosphere in San Francisco is completely enthralling during the period of music bonanza. One could always visit The Independent in order to see some scintillating Indie as well as some other shows. Dancing to the tunes of some favourite numbers brings incredibly joy and fun to the people.

Ardenwood Historic Farm

A visit to Ardenwood Historic Farm could be really exciting as well as relaxing. One is always refreshed to see the countryside atmosphere here. Moreover, there are a number of things at Ardenwood Historic Farm including train rides, a pumpkin patch, and crops. Apart from this, there are some cute baby animals as well. There is a Harvest Festival too that is organised here once in a year. Furthermore, one could also plan to visit Patterson Ranch House as well.

Picnicking At The Beach

There are a number of beaches in San Francisco that offer unlimited fun to the visitors. The atmosphere is soothing and reinvigorating. Moreover, while some beaches are completely jam-packed; there are other beaches that are less crowded and have pristine soil. Among the most popular beaches are Crown Memorial State Beach situated in Alameda, which enjoys the distinction of being city’s warmest beach.

Amazingly Refreshing Beach Road Excursions From San Francisco

View Of Beach Side Roads

San Francisco is a beautiful place that is full of amazing natural scenic spots. Moreover, there are some iconic landmarks here that never fail to attract the attention of the visitors. However, for all those visitors who are looking to explore something outside of San Francisco, then, luckily, there is no dearth of opportunities for them. One could simply stuff their car with hats, puffy jackets, blankets, and wool socks, and embark upon some heavenly beach road excursions that are sure to alleviate the stress from their life. Some of these incredible road trips are included here.

Carmel By The Sea

The spot is just a couple of hours drive from San Francisco. One is greeted with white sand beaches here. Moreover, there is a European vibe pervading the place. So, there is a dazzling array of art galleries and shops here. Moreover, there are some really great restaurants serving compelling and tempting food to the visitors. Moreover, one could always exercise the option of biking there since there is 17 mile drive here that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding and pleasant atmosphere to the people.

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg is 170 miles from San Francisco; however, the journey is worth undertaking because of the killer views that one get to see on their way. The journey offers individuals a chance to witness stunning views of the vast ocean. The best part is that the people here are really warm and hospitable. So, one could always leave the dull and drab city life behind and get immersed in this pleasant weather amidst great food and great people. Moreover, Glass Beach makes up for a great spot for picnicking. People are always intrigued by the idea of embarking upon a journey in Skunk Train, which is a 13 decade old train that takes one through 40 miles of area through beautiful redwoods, and a whopping thirty trestle bridges.

Big Sur

This spot is 3 hour drive from San Francisco. One is always fascinated to see breathtaking views of coastline, which are, decidedly, the best in the whole world. Tourists favourite resting spot is McWay Falls, which is a waterfall located at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which cascades dexterously and effortlessly into the beach. Tourists also can’t hide their astonishment on seeing purple sand spread everywhere at Pfeiffer Beach.

Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach is a popular spot among the locals as well as the tourists, partly because it is just 25 miles away from San Francisco. One could easily walk through this coastal town and experience the pristine beauty of the place. The pick of the lot is Steep Ravins Cabins, which offers such promising stay for the tourists. It is directly opposite Stinson Beach and offers great solace to the visitors. Tourists love soaking in hot springs at Steep Ravine. Also, the music scene of the place is also amazing since people are regaled with melodious music at Sand Dollar. Moreover, the culinary scene of the place is also quite developed, and the experience of eating lunch at Parkside Café is simply unsurpassed.

Unravelling Top 3 Spookiest Spots In San Francisco

View Of Part In San Francisco

Tourists are always enamoured by the beauty of San Francisco. However, the locals here know quite well that besides the astonishing beauty of San Francisco there is another element connected with the city as there are a number of spooky spots where spirits continue to haunt travellers. San Francisco has witnessed a number of mysterious incidents including murder, relentless chase for money, etc. So, there is no dearth of spooky places in San Francisco. Here are some of the hallowed haunts in San Francisco.

Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park

Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park is located in Lower Pac Heights. The place is haunted nowadays by the spirit of Mary Ellen Pleasant, since people experience being whacked while passing through this area. Moreover, dogs too get frightened and start howling crazily at night, as if they are being chased and tortured some spirit. It seems that Mary Ellen Pleasant is revenging for something wrong that happened to her. Her career was chequered since she rose to a towering height and amassed assets worth $30 million, including this spot at 1661 Octavia Street. It was a great achievement to have been born in slavery and rise to such great heights. However, she was to experience something nasty as her enemies implicated her in the death of her partner, Thomas Bell. The legal battle that ensued emptied her coffers and made her penniless. She ultimately died in penury, and this is the reason why her ghost resides there, as if to lay claim to her property, and drive everyone crazy who think of getting some rest under the huge eucalyptus tree.

Atherton Mansion

Atherton Mansion in Pacific Heights has now been turned into apartment building, but this transformation has been able to do little to drive away the spirit of George Atherton, who owned the mansion. George Atherton was born into an affluent Atherton family, but turned out to be a brat due to the unlimited access to wealth. He got annoyed by constant chidings from his wife Gertrude Atherton, who always said that he was living an aimless life. So, he embarked upon a journey into the sea in order to do something great in his life. However, he died within three days of embarking upon this journey, and Gertrude Atherton started complaining about someone haunted her in the mansion since then.

Haskell House

Tourists are always enchanted by intriguing and uncanny things that happen to a place. And, tourists coming to San Francisco too are regaled with some chilling and mysterious stories. And, one of these uncanny stories, is the one about ‘Last Duel in California’, which happened between the great politician Senator David C. Broderick and California Chief Justice David S. Terry. The differences in each other’s opinions led to a duel which turned nasty when Terry fired at Broderick. Broderick was taken to his friend’s Leonidas Haskell’s house, where he died after enduring excruciating pain for three days. The place was taken over by the Union Army later and captains started living in the house. However, their stay was always restless since they continuously complained of seeing some bodiless shadows moving across the rooms, or that of plants tipping over, or lights flashing.

Amazing Places To Visit In San Francisco Along With One’s Partner

View OF Golden Gate Park

San Francisco is definitely among the best places in the US, and the world for that matter, to spend some great time with one’s loved ones. There is no dearth of spots that offer unlimited fun and entertainment to people. The best part is that while there are some spots that are quite expensive, there is a dazzling array of other options as well that everyone could afford. So, taking one’s date in San Francisco could be real fun if people know about the options they could exercise. Here are some of the amazing ways to spend time with one’s date in San Francisco.

Visit Chinatown For Amazing Food

While there are a number of spots to eat everywhere in the city, a visit to Chinatown is completely different. The amazing variety of food options that one has here is sure to get one’s date completely hypnotized. One could either grab tempting cookies, or have some exotic dishes in order to elevate the mood and spirit of their date.

Witness The Beauty Of Gorgeous Seal Pups

There cannot be better way of spending one’s time with date than get absorbed in the natural beauty around us. The Marine Mammal Center provides ample opportunities to feel great, as one could revel in the scintillating beauty of the seal pups and get mesmerized by watching them move dexterously and innocently in the water.

Witness The Amazing Artwork In Uptown Oakland

Another way of immortalizing the time with one’s date is to visit a dazzling array of art galleries in Oakland. One could participate in Oakland Art Murmur event as well.

Exploring Some Of The Ruins

While it may sound creepy to be exploring the ruins along with one’s date, but this could be real adventure in San Francisco which has such amazing spots as Sutro Baths which are incredibly beautiful. One could hike along with their date to reach Lands End and witness the newly reconstructed labyrinth there.

Experience They Hypnotizing Aura Of Marina

One must visit Marina along with their date in order to witness breathtaking views of the Bay. Moreover, placing one’s ears to the Wave Organ transports one to the surreal world, since they listen to a great symphony of soothing musical sea sounds that are produced due to the crashing of the waves. Thus, the exhilarating beauty of the place makes it a great spot to visit for the couples.

Alemany Flea Market

Visiting Alemany Flea Market at Bernal Heights offers a unique experience since one could locate some kitschy things here.

Golden Gate Park

A visit to the Golden Gate Park leaves one completely elevated and refreshed. The romantic stroll across this park that spreads in 55 acres is absolutely invigorating. One should always visit Magnolia tree collection in order to experience the beautiful fragrance of the flowers.

Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve

Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve offers an awe-inspiring experience since one gets to see some exotic species of wildlife while traversing through the scenic trails. One comes across giant labyrinths, unlimited number of hiking trails, along with getting a chance to see a very old volcano that is around 9.5 million year old.

Exploring The Extraordinary Artworks Outside Mission District In San Francisco

View Of 16th Avenue Stairs

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San Francisco is an appealing and intriguing place that always catches the attention of people, especially art lovers. This is because there is no dearth of exciting artworks on the streets that are meaningful as well as elevating. While some of them predict the history of the place, others are prepared just for the sake of art itself. It exhibits the extraordinary skills of the local artists. While most of the streets in Mission District abound in artwork, there are other areas in the city that have beautifully adorned streets as well. So, here is a list of appealing artwork in other areas of the city.

Rotten Apples By Aryz

The four storey mural, Rotten Apples, by the talented Spanish Artist Aryz is located in Tenderloin. The rural vibe and sepia tones of this charismatic artwork are a treat to watch as they impart a completely fresh look and perspective to the neighbourhood of Tenderloin. And, what stands out from the rest is the floating chapeau or hat at the top.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps

All the 163 tiles at 16th Avenue are a great exhibition of handiwork. Moreover, when viewed from a distance, one could see the visible pattern of the tiles depicting a beautiful ‘sea to stars’ scene. So, one has a reason to visit Sunset as the beauty of the stairs can only be felt by witnessing the place in person.

Market Street Railway

One is greeted with splendid historical mural painted by none other than brilliant artist Mona Caron. The mural is around 200ft away from Market Street, and its exact location is at the intersection of 15th street and Church Street. The street invariably has a overpowering effect on the travellers.

Filbert Steps

Filbert Steps in Telegraph Hill is an unassuming place. However, although it is not frequently visited the place has all that it takes to delight an art lover. There is a dazzling array of hidden sculptures, statues, and art. Moreover, the experience of seeing scintillating Art Deco architecture, and breathtaking Bay views from the top is simply unsurpassed.

Pan American Unity

Pan American Unity at Balboa Park depicts the essence of art scene of San Francisco in the 1930s.The massive 10-panel wall painting a real Diego Rivera Mural.

Duboce Bikeway

Duboce Bikeway at Duboce Triangle depicts the 6000ft bike path of San Francisco called “The Wiggle.” It was painted by the talented artist Mona Caron, and the fresco is, undoubtedly, a great piece of art.

Tower On Fulton Street

Tower on Fulton Street in Western Addition never fails to stun the visitors. It is entirely the concept and creation of artist Ron Henggeler, who decided to utilize the discarded items in order to come up with something novel and beautiful. And, his efforts paid off as he made this scintillating spire that is adorned with chime and beautifully utilized detritus.

Beauty In Tragedy

Tenderloin is a place that has amazing pieces of art on its White Walls Gallery, and among them is this great piece of art depicting a scene from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet.’ The artwork played an instrumental role in Tenderloin Mural Renaissance.

Incredible Spots In San Francisco’s Vicinity That Make Up For Perfect Excursions

View Of Old Sacramento

San Francisco is an amazingly beautiful spot that enjoys the best weather in the country. People love to savour the climatic conditions here while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surroundings. The picturesque beauty of the place is simply unsurpassed. However, an equally exhilarating fact is that there is no dearth of some scintillating spots in the vicinity of San Francisco that make up for a perfect excursion by catering to the varied demands of the visitors, as they are a dazzling array of art galleries, mountain biking trails, etc. So, here is a list of such spots that offer unlimited fun to the visitors.


Carmel is just 122 miles from San Francisco and is a perfect place to visit for the art lovers. There are incredible 80 art galleries, and the best part is that they are located within the distance of one square mile. So, the art lovers couldn’t ask for more here. Among the best art galleries are the Dr. Seuss Gallery, The Classic Art Gallery, and Weston Gallery, to name a few. Apart from this, one also relishes in the pleasure of seeing some of the remarkable examples of the best European architecture here, as there is no dearth of intriguing English-styled cottages here.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods is a great spot just 16 miles from San Francisco. It has a dense forest that is replete with centuries old redwoods, amazing wildlife, paved trails, etc. There is a huge gush of fresh air that completely rejuvenates a person, and takes away all their stress and anxiety. Moreover, the trails here are meant to be enjoyed by people of different fitness levels. All in all, it is a great rejuvenating experience to visit this spot.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is just an hour and a half drive from San Francisco that offers the visitors the best moments of their lives. They simply soak in the natural beauty of the nature while enjoying the incredibly sun-soaked vibes of the beach here. One experiences the breathtaking views of the gigantic sea-side cliffs. Moreover, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is equally mesmerizing. And then, there is the seaside amusement park that never fails to stun the visitors with its 34 rides offering great adventurous options including the bumper cars. Moreover, the place has 2 National Historic Landmarks including ‘1911 Looff Carousel’ and ‘1924 Giant Dipper Wooden Roller Coaster.’

Mount Tamalpais

Mount Temalpais is a place strictly meant for those adventure loving people who love to enjoy the steep terrain and some challenging bike rides. The place does have some breathtaking picturesque views though. The tallest summit extends up to the height of 2571 ft. So, one needs to come with ample amount of water and some power bars as the biking trails are really strenuous and challenging at times.

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento is the best place for historians who love to unravel the myths and facts about the era of Gold Rush. The town is a National Historic Landmark that got established in 1849. It is located by the side of the scenic and tranquil Sacramento River. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of museums and historical attractions that mesmerize the visitors.

Stunning Suburbs in San Francisco Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Sausalito, California Panorama Of San Francisco Bay

San Francisco always attracts a number of visitors to the Downtown, especially because of the enchanting Golden Gate Bridge. However, the areas surrounding the city are equally mesmerizing since they abound in natural beauty as well. Not only are they well-organised and well-planned but are well-maintained as well. Tourists are straightaway overpowered by the spotless streets and rejuvenating environment of the suburbs. So, here is a list of some of the awe-inspiring suburbs in San Francisco that offer thoroughly invigorating experience to people.

Mill Valley

Mill Valley is an excellent place to spend one’s time since there is a dazzling array of eating options. The dish ‘banh mi’ served at Boo Koo is simply unsurpassed. The music scene of the area is equally enrapturing, and one could always visit ‘Sweetwater Music Hall’ in order to listen to the authentic music of the 60s there. Moreover, another reason for the popularity of the place is that it is beginning point of famed Mt. Tam trailheds and Dipsea Trail stairs.

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is the most happening place in Contra Costa County. One could find a number of options to spend their time here. Shopaholics could straightaway head to shopping district located in Broadway Plaza. Art lovers could relish the theatrical and musical performances that are held at the Lesher Center throughout the year. Moreover, there is an ice skating rink that offers more opportunities of spending time in winters. Apart from this, adventure loving people could always embark upon biking or hiking trails, and may even visit Mt. Diablo State Park by traversing the Summit Trail.


‘USA Today’ and ‘Money’ have rated Pleasanton to one of the finest places to live, and expectedly the place never fails to attract the visitors. The major reason behind the award is the soothing and pleasant weather of the area, which is probably the reason it is named ‘Pleasanton’. The weather is warm here. Moreover, the place is always bustling with people. There is a farmers market as well that is open throughout the year. One could also play golf or go hiking as well. The experience of hiking, especially in Del Valle Regional Park, is unsurpassed.


Petaluma is a perfect spot for people who love to commune with nature, or who are intrigued by the arts. This is because the place not only provides perfect idyllic surroundings but also has well developed art scene here. There are a number of art galleries and theatres here. Further, Petaluma Historical Museum is also well-maintained, and attracts a fair bit of crowd as well. The place has a lot of wineries, local dairies, and breweries as well, so one could expect a good variety of food and drinks here.

Redwood City

Redwood City is a perfect blend of technology and nature it seems, since the place is home to a number of techies. Also, among the tech giants located here is Oracle, which employs a number of people. However, what is mesmerizing about the place is the perfectly soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere that it has to offer. There is a vast undeveloped island here called ‘Bair Island’ that offers great hiking and bird-watching experience.

Gorgeous Parks In San Francisco Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

View Of Golden Gate Park

San Francisco is an amazing place that offers tourists with breathtaking and picturesque views of nature. Moreover, to enhance the aesthetic experience of the tourists as well as the locals, the authorities have made it a point to make sure that all the parks in San Francisco are well-maintained. So, the experience of visiting these gorgeous parks is bound to exhilarate and elevate the people. Here is a list of such stunning parks in San Francisco that are a treat to visit.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is among the most cherished possessions of San Francisco. There are a number of spots to be seen here including ‘Japanese Tea Garden’, ‘The Conservatory Of Flowers’, ‘The Academy of Sciences’, etc. The visit to the park leaves one completely elevated and refreshed.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks in San Francisco decidedly offers the best views of the city. It is a haven for people who love to revel in their solitude.

Glen Canyon Park

Glen Canyon Park provides glimpses of the life that existed before 1800s. There are a lot of chaparral paths snaking through the rich flora. It is a great day for spending a day out with friends or families.

Dolores Park

Dolores Park is teeming with visitors on a sunny day. The atmosphere here is bright and jovial. A lot of music is played here by the local musicians and the DJs.

Grand View Park

Grand View Park is also known as Turtle Hill, since tiled steps take one to the top of this park that is stamp-sized. The peculiarity of the place is the panoramic views that it has to offer of the city. One could easily locate some of the exotic and weirdly named species including dune tansy, Franciscan wallflower, bush lupin, bush monkey flower, beach strawberry, and coyote bush, to name but a few.

Alamo Square

Alamo Square is a mysterious place that always greets the visitors with cool breeze. The temperature of the park is always less that the surrounding areas. Overall, the stroll through the park makes one feel completely invigorated.

Patricia’s Green

Patricia’s Green is a small path of greenery that is enough to have a break from hectic work schedule during the day. One could either get a yummy ice cream from popular spot ‘Smitten’, or one could also go to ‘Biergarten’ to try some varieties of dark ale.

Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park is inarguably the best spot for witnessing the spectacular views of the sunset. The playground and tennis courts here are amazingly beautiful and entrancing.

Huntington Park

Huntington Park is also known as Grace Cathedral Park. The park not only offers spending scenes of the surroundings but also provides rejuvenating and revitalizing experience to the joggers and the visitors.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista is known to offer charming views of the city. Not only this, the place has a number of windy playgrounds that are perfect for spending a day with one’s family and friends.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square offers great views of the city along with providing a completely refreshing atmosphere.

Alta Plaza

Visit to Alta Plaza is also energizing as one breathes in the cool and fresh air. This is the reason the park attracts a number of return visitors who are in constant search of comforting environment.