Exploring Topmost Bars In San Francisco That Are A Must To Visit

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San Francisco has a dazzling array of options for tourists as well as locals; there are all sorts of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, supermarkets catering to wide demands of people, beaches offering soothing atmosphere to people, and natural parks and hiking trails that never fail to mesmerize people here. Similarly, there are a lot of bars in San Francisco that offer great chance to tourists to relax and rejuvenate themselves after a long and hectic day at work. Tourists and locals are spoilt for choice actually; so, there are topmost bars that are a must to visit.

Ale Arsenal

Ale Arsenal is an unmistakable spot in San Carlos. The place has a great collection of beers that are very hard to find all over the world. The place has close association with the best brew makers in the country, and thus, they supply the best variety of beer here. So, people could always visit the bar and taste exotic beers.

Alpine Inn

This place was originally named Rossotti’s, earlier, before the management changed it to Alpine Inn. However, this infuriated the locals since they wanted to have that name for the bar. So, the management was forced to have the previous name as well on the sign. The place serves a great range of good quality beer, and it is a quite popular spot among the locals as well.

Amour Amour

Amour Amour is a European Style tapas and wine spot which consists of just six tables. Moreover, there is a small bar as well. Obviously, the place gets filled quite quickly, since it enjoys a roaring popularity among the people here. People could find international variety of wines here, which are served along with local vegetables and dishes containing local ingredients. People are always stunned to see the vibrant atmosphere here.

B Street & Vine

B Street & Vine is an excellent wine café that serves a great collection of international and California wines. The best part is the vibrant jazz music that is played here.

Dutch Goose

Dutch Goose is situated at Menlo Park and is a very popular spot here. People flock the outdoor patio here in order to get a mug of their favourite beer. Moreover, there are spicy eggs as well along with other great dishes served along with beer and wines.

Grape And Grain

Grape And Grain is a wine bar and craft beer that has a great variety of beer. The place is always filled with people here. Moreover, the environment is quite lively as there are board games as well as arcades here.

Gourmet Haus Staudt

This is a bit unpretentious spot in the German Market in Redwood City. Along with beer one is also offered delicious and gigantic pretzels here.

Martin’s West

Martin’s West in Redwood City has astonishing collection of whiskey. Apart from the great variety of whiskey there is an equally broad range of beer here, consisting of cellar and seasonal ales. Moreover, the wine list is no small as well, and one could fine Sonoma County and European wines here.

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