Exploring Top Class Museums In San Francisco Offering Thoroughly Elevating Experience

Picture Of The De Young Museum

San Francisco has a number of iconic spots to visit. Tourists are always enamoured by the great number of options of spending quality time here. And, art lovers are also welcomed by the city, since it has a great variety of museums. Truly, the place is inundated with museums, and people are spoilt for choice actually. So, here is a list of top class museums in San Francisco that offer great experience to tourists.

The California Academy Of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is one of its kinds since it offers two ways of exploring the museums. Firstly, there is a special time for tourists to visit the museum along with their kids, when they could see such artefacts as Claude, the great albino alligator. And, then, there is a specific timeslot when only adults could enter the museum in order to explore such pieces as Steinhart Aquarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, and Morrison Planetarium, to name a few.

The Cartoon Art Museum

People are invariably attracted to this uniquely-themed museum that displays a whopping 6,000 pieces of completely original animation and cartoon art prepared by innovative and iconic artists from various countries in the world. So, people get a chance to see some spectacular pieces of arts here including graphic novels, comic books, editorial cartoons, Sunday funnies, and anime, to name a few.

The De Young Museum

The best part about ‘The De Young Museum’ is the astonishing number of permanent collections it has. The museum has incredible 27000 works including sculpture, paintings, and other spectacular decorative arts from various continents of the world including Africa, America, and Oceania. Furthermore, there is a pleasant surprise for tourists as well, since there is the elevator as well towards the east end of building which takes one to Hamom Tower Observation Floor, from where one could get breathtaking views of iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and other great architectural marvels in San Francisco.

The Museum Of The African Diaspora

The Museum Of The African Diaspora aims to bring the moving ‘slave narratives’ of people residing in Africa. There is a perfect blend of technology and art here, which completely overpowers the visitors.

The Beat Museum

The Beat Museum is dedicated to the Beat Movement launched by the famous writer Allen Ginsberg. Lovers of literature are always stunned to locate original manuscripts of poets and writers of beat generation, first editions, and other personal artefacts that belonged to Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Neil Cassady, to name a few.

The Exploratorium

Tourists love to visit this museum since there are a number of interactive exhibits here. There are six galleries here including Light and Sound, Living Systems, Human Behaviour, the Outdoor Gallery, Tinkering, and Bay Observatory Gallery. So, one gets a chance to grab any exhibit that they come across.

The Randall Museum

The best thing about Randall Museum is that there are live animals here. Moreover, there are other great things including a ‘Tree House Room’ which is meant solely for toddlers, and a replica of earthquake refugee shack, to name a few.

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