Unearthing Greatest Museums In San Francisco For Art Lovers

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San Francisco has always attracted a number of talented artists from all over the world, thanks to the innovation, creativity, and reinvention that take place here. So, there are a number of museums here that cater to the varied interests of people. Art lovers simply relish visiting such museums as ‘San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,’ ‘The de Young and the Exploratorium,’ to name a few. The museums here exhibit the great artworks prepared by the talented artists. So, some of the great museums in San Francisco are included here.

San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

It is a great museum to visit as it has a lot to offer to the excited art lovers. One should head towards the fifth floor straightaway in order to discover great exhibitions including ‘Figurative Art,’ ‘Minimal,’ ‘Pop,’ etc. The ‘Figurative Art,’ which is also called the ‘Fisher Collection’ exhibits artworks relating the events in 1960s. Furthermore, there is the Donald Fisher and Doris Collection as well which highlights three major pieces of ‘light’ artwork, including ‘Monument for V. Tatlin,’ ‘Untitled Two,’ and ‘The Diagonal of May 25.’

Further, there are other exhilarating works including Bruce Nauman’s works which interpret such themes as pleasure/ pain, life/death, love/hate in an interesting manner.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum is a great site to visit for tourists. The building is designed by great artist called ‘Daniel Libeskind’ and the diamond-shaped windows are simply a delight to the eyes. Moreover, there is the ‘PaRDes,’ which is a unique light installation that instantly attracts the people. And, the pick of the lot is the ‘Lamp of the Covenant’ prepared by Dave Lane. It is a massive sculpture which is 90-foot long highlighting the marvels of cosmos.

Yerba Buena Center For The Arts

It is another stunning spot that has a lot to offer to the visitors. There is the unmistakable ‘Murmur Wall,’ prepared by Future Cities Lab. It has been constructed innovatively out of steel, and fiber optic illuminated rods offering great digital display. This artwork can be viewed from the sidewalk.

The De Young Museum

The De Young Museum is another great spot for art lovers. The museum has the aura of magnificence that attracts a sea of humanity. It is actually built like a hill inside the great ‘Babro Osher Sculpture Garden.’ There is the unmistakable ‘skyspace’ that was prepared by the talented and innovative artist James Turrell. It is named ‘Three Gems.’ It is a great site for the eyes. Actually, it is in the form of a dome or a stupa that presents a great view of the sky. The view is constantly altered by the great effects of LED lightning. The LED lightening effects change constantly with the change in weather and light conditions outside. It is a great masterpiece to observe.

The Exploratorium

Again, the museum has this great ‘Buckyball’ which is perfect site to visit for light art lovers. The artwork was prepared by Leo Villareal. It is an illuminated artwork or a sculpture that stands to a height of 25 foot. There are whopping 4500 LED nodes inside the geodesic spheres. These LED nodes are arranged in shapes of hexagons and pentagons, and are a great sight to visit.

Unearthing San Francisco’s Most Popular Spots For Nature Lovers

View Of Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco has a great number of natural wonders that have always been a source of inspiration for nature lovers. Tourists and locals spend days exploring the old redwood trees, pristine shoreline, and various botanical gardens in the area. Tourists feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed after visiting these incredible sites. Here are some of the great natural spots that every person must visit while they are in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

Visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without exploring this great man-made wonder. It got built in 1880 when the authorities decided to convert this 1000 acre land into a majestic site. The park used to be known ‘The Great Sand Bank,’ since persistent sands blew here. However, the park is now a great spot for nature lovers, as there are a number of museums, spending gardens, different varieties of trees, and nine lakes, to name a few.

One could start their trip at Conservatory of Flowers, which has lush green tropical plants, and a charismatic Victorian structure made of glass. In fact, it is the oldest public conservatory in North America. Then, one could move from this historic landmark towards San Francisco Botanical Gardens which span 70 acres of area, and are quite well-maintained gardens. The experience of walking on the Redwood Trail and exploring great old redwood trees invariably casts a spell on the visitors.

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo is located towards Ocean Beach’s southern end. It is among US oldest zoos, and was constructed in 1930s. There is a great variety of animals here including bears, Kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, kudus, and other great variety of exotic wildlife. Tourists are invariably excited to see the jaguar inside his habitat spanning 20000 square feet area.

Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands are located in the vicinity of Golden Gate Bridge in the north of the city. They are characterized by rugged hiking trails, coastal bluffs, protected and pristine valleys, vast wetlands, and other historic landmarks. One could hear ruptures of various birds here including red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, osprey, and peregrine falcons, to name a few.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods are located just twelve miles of San Francisco towards the north. It is a mind-boggling redwood forest that has eight routes covering around 30 mile area. President Theodore Roosevelt designated the area as a National Monument. One could find old and attractive things here including the unmistakable ‘Coast Redwood Tree’ that is around 2000 years old.

Natural Spots In East Bay

Eastern side of San Francisco also has a number of places that could be of great interest for the visitors. There is the Mount Diablo State Park that is 3849 feet in height and has trails extending till 100 miles. Hikers are greeted with a museum at the top. Then, there is the Lindsay Wildlife Museum that provides one a chance to experience native animals from California. Or, one could explore U.C. Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science which is a great public science museum that offers educational opportunities to teachers, researchers, and students. Moreover, there is the Oakland Museum of California that has a number of exhibits detailing about the natural history of California.

Unravelling Topmost Ways Of Exploring San Francisco With Family

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San Francisco has always attracted people from all countries in the world. However, while most of the tourists simply head towards the iconic spots in San Francisco, there are some unique ways of exploring San Francisco too. These off the beaten ways can actually prove to be more adventurous and fun-loving. So, here are some of the topmost ways of exploring the beautiful city.

Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

A visit to Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market leaves one completely reinvigorated. The place witnesses a great rush of locals on Saturday mornings as they come along with their baskets to pick the finest fruits and other products, including free-range meats, fresh sausages, honey, olive oils, and baked goods, to name a  few. Moreover, visitors get a chance to smell fascinating roses too. Moreover, there are plenty of bakeries, and local restaurants that excel in serving specialities.


One is always amazed to locate this completely different world that is conspicuously decorated in gold, green, and bright red banners. There is a dazzling array of traditional herbalists, knick-knack spots, and other grocery stores. Besides, there are those vendors of incense and ceremonial papers. There are shops selling crabs, frogs, and other exotic variety of seafood, which offer a perfect visual treat, besides offering an incredibly unique experience.

Crissy Field

Crissy Field is one of the newest parks in San Francisco that is simply perfect for picnicking. The place offers stupendous views of Golden Gate Bridge and other areas of the city. Kids love playing with sand and rocks there.

Stow Lake

The experience of boating on the Stow Lake is simply unsurpassed. The lake offers completely tranquil and serene surroundings that invariably entrance the tourists. Kids love piling into the old and quaint electric motorboats. Besides, there are other options too as one could opt for pedal boats, and rowboats as well. One could simply relax and admire the ultimate beauty of nature. Meanwhile, kids could also enjoy the experience of boating in the tranquil water of the lake with plenty of ducks on their way.

Maritime National Historical Park

Maritime National Historic Park is another great location in San Francisco. The vibrant atmosphere of the place is always liked by kids and adults. Kids love to discover more about the antique ships kept at Hyde Street Pier. Besides, they get involved in a number of outdoor activities at Victoria Park. Moreover, there are crazy swimmers who dare venturing into the chilly waters in Aquatic Park. The adults are always awestruck by the marvellous scenery.

Golden Gate Park

A visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without paying visit to this iconic park that has unlimited fun and excitement to offer. There is the Koret Children’s Quarter, which is a great quality playground for kids. And then, there is the Japanese Tea Garden that is among the most soothing and relaxing places in the world. Nature lovers love to explore dahlia garden that has a dazzling array of carnivorous plants. And, there is the ‘de Young Museum’ tower that offers stunning views of the city. So, the list is truly endless, and one could get involved in a number of activities here.

Unearthing Great Family Activities To Do In San Francisco

View Of Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is one of the most amazing destinations in the world that has something to offer to people from all walks of life. There is a plethora of recreation centres, playgrounds, soccer fields, restaurants, and coffee shops, etc. that never fail to attract a great number of tourists from all over the world. People from all walks of life are straightaway glued to this topmost tourist destination. So, here are some of the great family activities that one could do while being in San Francisco.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Family Museum is a great family location as adults and children always find something that interests them. The memorabilia here that was collected by Disney family is a perfect thing to explore. It gives a glimpse into the chequered life of Walt Disney and the members of his family. Some very strange and little known secrets are unearthed after visiting the museum. Moreover, children get to know how their favourite character ‘Mickey’ came to life. Besides, there is the ‘Little Open Studio’ that engages students who are seven years or younger, as they come across various family activities here that are full of fun and excitement. There are a number of stories to be heard about their favourite characters. So, the visit here is truly rejuvenating.


Exploratorium is a spectacular tourist attraction. In fact, it earned the distinction of being topmost kids’ attraction by CNN. There are around 600 interactive exhibits here. So, kids learn by doing the things, and this engaging manner certainly attracts them. Moreover, there is a café and a restaurant as well to get that necessary break and refreshment.

Children’s Creativity Museum

As the name suggests, this museum has always tried to motivate the children by making them think in a different and creative manner. Kids are put in an environment where they have to apply their minds in order to solve certain puzzles. Moreover, there is a complete multimedia environment for the kids, so that they could interact in the best possible manner. The best exhibits here include Animation Studio, Music Studio, and an unmistakable Imagination Lab.


Chinatown here is the oldest in North America, and thus, kids are invariably delighted to explore the bright colours emanating from the fascinating facades here. They always find it interesting to explore golden dragons here.

Golden Gate Park

A visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without visiting this great park in the heart of the city. It spans 1000 acres of pure lush greenery. So, it is a perfect site to plan a picnic along with the members of the family.

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences is a place that is equally appealing for kids and adults. There is a planetarium, aquarium, rain forest, and a natural history museum. Besides, there are a whopping 40000 animals here. So, it is a perfect place to be explored along with one’s family members.

So, these are all the topmost sites to explore in San Francisco along with the family. Of course, the list is endless and the place has plenty to offer.

Uncovering Unforgettable Experiences Visitors Could Amass In San Francisco

View Of San Francisco

Visit to San Francisco is certainly exhilarating and elevating, as the place has immaculate beauty and great appeal. One is completely mesmerized by the place as it leaves a hypnotic spell upon the visitors the moment they land on this amazing soil. There are some unforgettable experiences that visitors could amass while they are in this beautiful place.

The Great Mountains With Great Sights

First off, the places in San Francisco offering unforgettable lifelong memories to the people are the great mountain ranges that have stunning vistas to offer.  Some of the great spots to visit include Oakland’s Mormon Temple, UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, Mount Diablo, and Twin Peaks, to name a few. Further, tourists who have plenty of time could always visit Marin Headlands in order to get stunning views of San Francisco, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. So, there are countless areas in San Francisco that offer unlimited options to people to connect with nature.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Well, as it has already been stressed that the place has no dearth of amazingly refreshing locations, one such spot which offers tourists a chance to have a glimpse into the rich natural beauty is Point Reyes National Seashore, which is easily accessible via Marin County. Tourists are invariably amazed to locate beautiful Tule Elks here. There are countless trails here which offer great revitalizing experience to tourists. The trail may consume up to four hours; so, tourists should come fully prepared for this.

Explore The Museums

Well, for tourists who don’t like to explore outdoors and walk a lot, there are other ways of spending one’s time in completely stunning manner. The museums in San Francisco have a great deal of entertainment and knowledge to offer to the tourists. The pick of the lot is California Academy of Arts and Sciences which has great interactive exhibits.

Further, tourists who are looking to find answers to various intriguing questions could visit ‘The Tech Museum’ as they could get answers to a number of mysterious questions here. Other great museums include the Exploratorium, the Oakland Museum, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and Bay Area Discovery Museum, to name a few.

Taking The Ferry

Another great way of amassing some unforgettable memories of San Francisco is experiencing the city by taking a ferry. Though there are countless ways still the ferry that passes through Alameda and takes one to Oakland is liked a lot since it has some amazing and spectacular views to offer to the tourists.

Riding The Cable Car

Riding the cable car is another great way of exploring the city. The cable cars are always full of visitors who are out there to explore the great places. The ‘ding ding’ sound is sure to stay with the visitors for a long time and bring some great memories of San Francisco in the later years of their life.

Visiting Alcatraz

Visit to San Francisco is certainly incomplete without visiting Alcatraz. It is an island that has a rich history. One could embark upon Alcatraz Cruises which run during the day as well as the night. Once at Alcatraz one could avail the option of audio tours as well in order to learn a great deal about the place.

Exploring Spots Offering Sweeping Views Of San Francisco

View Of Hawk Hill

San Francisco has all the elements that are required to make one’s stay pleasant. Tourists are invariably attracted by the dazzling array of natural spots, restaurants, markets, theatres, museums, parks, and hiking and biking trails in San Francisco that offer amazingly invigorating experience. Moreover, the city looks astonishingly beautiful from the top of various spots. So, it is worth reaching those spots in order to soak in those sweeping views of the town. So, here are those locations that are a must to visit in order to witness spectacular views of San Francisco.

Mt. Tam Fire Lookout

Getting to Mt. Tam Fire Lookout is an arduous task, as the steep can be really challenging. However, the best part is that one is greeted with amazing visits while traversing the trail as well. So, the top offers some great views, but the views of San Francisco that one gets to see on their way to the top are equally enchanting.

Billy Goat Hill

Billy Goat Hill is another great location to visit. The atmosphere is completely soothing and relaxing here. Moreover, one gets such unique and compelling views of the city, which seems to be spread with its arm open, as if it is ready to embrace the visitors with its hypnotic charm.

Mount Sutro

Mount Sutro has always been the most favoured spot of nature lovers. There are lush forests all around along with open vistas that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, one gets to see most charming views of Golden Gate from here.

Potrero Hill

One could simply drive up to the Potrero Hill in order to witness marvellous views of the Downtown. However, there are a number of condos coming up which may obstruct one’s view in the future. So, it is better to get this amazing experience before condos play a spoilsport.

Tank Hill

Tank Hill is an unassuming spot which is perfect for all those who want to avoid the maddening crowd at Bernal Heights or Twin Peaks. It is an absolutely serene spot that offers thoroughly refreshing experience. Besides, the views of the city from the top of the hill are simply surreal. So, tourists should contemplate visiting the hill in order to get that unique experience.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are an unmistakable spot in San Francisco. Tourists and locals love the spot as it offers them unparalleled views of the surroundings. However, it can be really windy at the top at times.

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is another great location to see those spectacular views of San Francisco. There is a dazzling array of parrots at the top, especially the feral parrots that are intriguing to watch.

Bernal Heights Park

Bernal Heights Park is another spectacular spot to visit. One gets amazing 360 views of San Francisco from the top. The view is equally enchanting on both night as well as day. This is the reason for the roaring popularity of the spot among the people.

Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill is liked by many as it offers unequalled views of the Golden Gate. It is a tranquil spot located in Marin Headlands.

Topmost Outdoor Activities Tourists Love To Do In San Francisco

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San Francisco has always been considered a great spot to visit for travellers since it offers countless options to tourists to spend their time in an engaging and productive manner. They can visit a number of natural spots here, besides witnessing the pulsating vibe in the Downtown. Here are some of the topmost outdoor tourist activities that San Francisco has to offer.

Surfing At Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a perfect spot for surfing, as it is the longest beach in San Francisco. The place witnesses a huge crowd of people, who are all donned in black wet suits, and are seen waiting to explore the uncharted territories. It is a popular spot of locals as well since they come here to fly kites, skate and bike along the stunning esplanade, as well as stroll on the dazzling dunes. Visitors could always refresh themselves after this hectic activity as there are plenty of restaurants nearby.

The Wave Organ

The Wave Organ is located at the boat harbour in Marina District. It is a rock garden as well as sound sculpture that spans 2700 square feet area, and has infinite concrete pipes and PVC to capture the groans, rumbles, and whistles of the waves. Visitors are always thrilled to experience the otherworldly sounds coming from the sea. The spot was designed by great artist Peter Richards who collaborated with the talented stonemason George Gonzales to materialize his ideas. And, the result is simply stunning as one gets unsurpassed sonic experience here.

Land’s End

Land’s End has a great variety of vistas to offer to the tourists. One gets a chance to explore ruins of iconic Sutro Baths. The experience of watching the crashing of the waves while wandering through the tunnel is simply amazing. Moreover, one could go for a hike as well along the headlands. Moreover, one gets to see a wide variety of wildlife as there is a dazzling array of birds’ species, including brown pelicans, Brandt’s cormorants, etc. Moreover, some lucky tourists have also seen dolphins, sea lions, and migratory grey whales here.

Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park has always been a great spot to visit for the last 3000 years or so. Such is the rich history of the place. One could either visit the spot by taking a ferry or kayaking by themselves. The island has a rich wildlife. The trails here take one through shady forests of hazelnut trees, bay laurel, and coast live oak. Moreover, one could hike to Mount Livermore in order to soak in great panoramic views of the surroundings. Also, visitors could stay at night at the designated bay side campgrounds on the island too.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is a massive park that has a great number of smaller tourist attractions. For instance, there is the Japanese Tea Garden which is spread in five acres of area and is full of cherry trees, bamboo stands, and koi ponds. And then, there is the Stow lake which is simply perfect spot for paddle boating. Apart from this, there is a golf course, and other amazing hikes that offer thoroughly rejuvenating experience to visitors.

San Francisco’s Amazingly Beautiful Spots Offering Ultimate Experience To Tourists

People Are Chilling At Mission Dolores Park

San Francisco is a great place to visit that abounds in nature’s bounty. Tourists are always amazed to see the iconic architectural sites here, along with some great parks and beaches. There is no dearth of such elevating places that offer incredibly amazing experience to tourists. Moreover, people here are quite warm and welcoming, and the hospitality industry has greatly expanded in the recent decades. Tourists are always given a great welcome here by locals. Moreover, naturally beautiful spots simply exhilarate the tourists. Here are some of the stunning sites in San Francisco that are a must to visit.

Mission Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park is always teeming with people. People from all walks of life visit the spot in order to enjoy great pulsating vibes of the place. Moreover, one also gets to see breathtaking views of the skyline from here as well. A simple leisurely walk here leaves tourists completely charged and revitalized.

Baker Beach

Beaches have always been a hot favourite of tourists, who simply love to sunbathe as soon as the sun arrives on the horizons. The scene is no different in San Francisco; however, there is something remarkable about Baker Beach, as the tourists visiting here get the added advantage of getting a chance to see surprising views of iconic Golden Gate Bridge from here. People feel so unpretentious after visiting the spot, and they could simply praise the striking natural beauty of the place.

Billy Goat Hill Park

Billy Goat Hill Park has always been among the favourite spots of tourists, as they simply love the idea of witnessing great beauty of San Francisco from this height. The experience of visiting the spot is so elevating.

Filbert Steps

Filbert Steps is located between Sansome and Montgomery streets, and is one of the most cherished spots of tourists, as they simply love to get some exercise here while relishing in the pristine beauty of the surroundings.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden is situated in the premises of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It is a great spot to visit for nature lovers since they are able to see a dazzling array of different varieties of plants, flowers, and trees here. They feel completely rejuvenated after visiting the garden.

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden is not only picturesque but also one of the most tranquil spots to visit on the planet. One is completely mesmerized by the natural beauty here. There are a number of traditional pagodas, koi fish, and a tea house in the garden. The spot is loved by tourists as they feel completely stress-free after visiting the spot.

Lands End

Lands End is the ideal spot to visit for adventure loving people who are out on a hiking spree. There is a great labyrinth here that is worth exploring. Moreover, there are some stunning views of oceanfront that one gets to see from here.

Lover’s Lane

Lover’s Lane is a perfect spot for couples who are looking to spend some tranquil moments away from the frenzied life of the city. It is within ‘The Presidio’ and is a true representation of nature at its best.

Unearthing Topmost Museums In San Francisco That Are A Must To Visit For Tourists

The Exhibition In The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Tourists are always interested in knowing about the area they are visiting. This is the reason why museums play a great role in making tourists understand the true essence of the place they visit. And, San Francisco is fortunate in this regards, as it has a great variety of museums ranging from historic to science museums, which offer a great insight into the traditions and cultures of various nations all over the world. Besides, tourists get to learn about the latest scientific developments as well. So, a visit to the museums in SF can really make one enlightened. Here is a list of some of these museums that are a delight to visit.

Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum is an unmistakable spot that is beautifully designed by the talented architect Gae Aulenti, who was instrumental in converting Musee d’ Orsay in Paris. Tourists are amazed to locate a dazzling array of collections here from various Asian nations including Japan, China, India, and Indonesia, to name a few. Besides, there are whopping 15,000 objects of Southeast Asian Art here that represent the history of people living 6000 years back. One could find such intriguing artefacts here as Japanese Buddhas, and Indonesian shadow puppets, to name a few.

California Academy Of Sciences

San Francisco came in the limelight in 2008 when this museum got redesigned. This is because the museum was termed as the ‘greenest’ museum of the world. The amazing part is that there is the unique and appealing combination of planetarium, aquarium, scientific research program, and natural history museum here. The rainforest dome is a marvellous piece of architecture. Besides, there is the ‘living roof’ as well which has more than 1.75 million plant species. Tourists are always amazed to locate Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, etc. A visit to California Academy of Sciences certainly broadens their horizons.

California Historical Society

California Historical Society offers a delightful experience to history lovers, since they stumble upon thousands of manuscripts, magazines, books, paintings, costumes, and maps here. Besides, there are millions of great photographs as well. Besides, there is a bookstore focussing upon presenting the true Californian essence, as it has a number of books highlighting Californian culture. Moreover, the bookstore also has a great collection of jewellery and craft prepared by talented local designers.

Cartoon Art Museum

Cartoon Art Museum offers a unique experience to tourists. There is a great range of animation art and cartoons here. In fact, there are around 6000 pieces of cartoons, including editorial cartoons, graphic novels, etc.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum is an endeavour to highlight the works of artists who have done a great job in representing the essence of Jewish traditions, culture, and ideas. The striking design of the building was done by talented architect Daniel Libeskind. Tourists are always mesmerized by the overpowering aura here as the sunlight pierce through the towering windows to illuminate great exhibits here including exhibits representing great history of Kibbutz. Besides, tourists also get to taste the genuine Jewish food at the café.

Exploring Top Class Museums In San Francisco Offering Thoroughly Elevating Experience

Picture Of The De Young Museum

San Francisco has a number of iconic spots to visit. Tourists are always enamoured by the great number of options of spending quality time here. And, art lovers are also welcomed by the city, since it has a great variety of museums. Truly, the place is inundated with museums, and people are spoilt for choice actually. So, here is a list of top class museums in San Francisco that offer great experience to tourists.

The California Academy Of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is one of its kinds since it offers two ways of exploring the museums. Firstly, there is a special time for tourists to visit the museum along with their kids, when they could see such artefacts as Claude, the great albino alligator. And, then, there is a specific timeslot when only adults could enter the museum in order to explore such pieces as Steinhart Aquarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, and Morrison Planetarium, to name a few.

The Cartoon Art Museum

People are invariably attracted to this uniquely-themed museum that displays a whopping 6,000 pieces of completely original animation and cartoon art prepared by innovative and iconic artists from various countries in the world. So, people get a chance to see some spectacular pieces of arts here including graphic novels, comic books, editorial cartoons, Sunday funnies, and anime, to name a few.

The De Young Museum

The best part about ‘The De Young Museum’ is the astonishing number of permanent collections it has. The museum has incredible 27000 works including sculpture, paintings, and other spectacular decorative arts from various continents of the world including Africa, America, and Oceania. Furthermore, there is a pleasant surprise for tourists as well, since there is the elevator as well towards the east end of building which takes one to Hamom Tower Observation Floor, from where one could get breathtaking views of iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and other great architectural marvels in San Francisco.

The Museum Of The African Diaspora

The Museum Of The African Diaspora aims to bring the moving ‘slave narratives’ of people residing in Africa. There is a perfect blend of technology and art here, which completely overpowers the visitors.

The Beat Museum

The Beat Museum is dedicated to the Beat Movement launched by the famous writer Allen Ginsberg. Lovers of literature are always stunned to locate original manuscripts of poets and writers of beat generation, first editions, and other personal artefacts that belonged to Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Neil Cassady, to name a few.

The Exploratorium

Tourists love to visit this museum since there are a number of interactive exhibits here. There are six galleries here including Light and Sound, Living Systems, Human Behaviour, the Outdoor Gallery, Tinkering, and Bay Observatory Gallery. So, one gets a chance to grab any exhibit that they come across.

The Randall Museum

The best thing about Randall Museum is that there are live animals here. Moreover, there are other great things including a ‘Tree House Room’ which is meant solely for toddlers, and a replica of earthquake refugee shack, to name a few.